Research partners for crop innovation

AgXtra supports the commercialisation of innovation by taking developments in crop production and crop protection, and proving them in the field. Our strengths lie in our innovative trial research work in broadacre and horticulture crop protection, along with our expertise in support for plant breeding programs. The business was initiated in 2002, and now consists of an interdependent team of dedicated, engaged and motivated researchers.

A strong focus for us is on relationships, both with our clients, and with our co-operator network. We have built a reputation for forging strong professional relationships with clients through our client management model, and ensure we evolve and maintain a high level of trust and respect with our co-operating growers. We work alongside our partners, and share in the journey of product development as we seek to deliver definitive outcomes that achieve our client’s objectives. We take time to enjoy and acknowledge the positive outcomes we generate, and ensure no opportunity is lost to refine and improve our systems and delivery along the way.

AgXtra: Progressive, Exciting, Trusted.

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