We focus strongly on evolving and developing relationships with our clients. It’s a philosophy that goes beyond the standard fee-for-service transaction. This strength in relationships enriches our work experience, and maximises value for our clients.

We trust heavily in our culture; we like to share and empower everyone to ensure we deliver high quality work. We aim to give people a sense of pride in the company, and in the role they perform for the ultimate benefit of our clients. 

Richard Porter

Managing Director

Annie Porter

Office and Accounts Manager

Ben Hill-Ling

Research Officer (Horticulture)

Julianne Farrell

Senior Research Officer (Entomology)

Lachlan Parker

Research Officer (Broadacre)

Andrew Lehmann

Research Officer (Broadacre)

Anthony Smith

Field Operations Manager (Plant Breeding)

Josh Barrett

Technical Officer (Broadacre)

Justin Mills

Technical Officer (Broadacre)

David Mates

Technical Officer (Broadacre)

Bethany Greatz

Technical Officer (Horticulture)

James Barry

Technical Officer (Horticulture)

Edwina Cockburn

Technical Officer (Broadacre)

Mark DeLisio

Technical Officer (Entomology)

Kellie Jones

Senior Technical Officer (Wagga Wagga)

Tom Stewart

Technical Officer (Wagga Wagga)

Kelly Lunn

Administration Officer

Kalon Green

Research Officer (Victoria)


Our purposefully designed software made for the agricultural field research industry.